Collecting, Art and Home..

I have always been interested in what people choose to collect,what they hold onto, and where they decide to display things. Recently, I have been taking pictures in my parents’ house. It has become a place of three generations of collecting-  my parents, myself and my siblings, and my children. I have always lived in houses without closets.. and with people that like to hold onto things. (I realize that my family’s display of art and belongings is somewhat chaotic.)


3 Responses to “Collecting, Art and Home..”

  1. yvonne parker Says:

    I have an xray of my nose from when I fell on the sidewalk in Paris and broke it in 1982 maman y

  2. i would like to see that!

  3. I love all the things in your parents’ house 😀 and Mira’s circle ‘o cats is sublime!

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